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Spending remodeling money wisely...

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten."

I love this quote. This actually comes from another contractor's website that I came across this past year. Although it pertains to 'The 3 Bid Myth' in the construction world, it feels very relevant to my life and my children's toys. More for less, not normally the best route.

On that note, I do like the article they posted. And while we do believe that you should definitely get a few bids on any Home Renovation project you are hiring a professional for, we also believe the cheapest is not always the best.

Now I'm not saying that our company may not just happen to be the most cost efficient contractor sometimes, but if a contractor comes in substantially lower than others....there may be a reason. That reason can be : lack of experience, new contractor to the area ( to stay competitive ), or a cheap labor force. There have been times that a Homeowner lets us know that if we can beat another contractor's price then they will hire us instead of them. We get that reasoning, we really do, but normally this is not how we operate, nor should it be. Our pricing is set based on experience, dedication to craftsmanship and the fact that we use qualified and insured sub contractors if we need an extra hand or two.

If you have a minute, read through the post. It will give you a little more insight on how to choose the right contractor for you.

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